Who We Are

Our Story
In the spring of 2015, wife, mother, and military veteran, Melissa Burgess received a DIY candle-kit for her birthday and quickly fell in love with the candlemaking process. She found that it gave her a creative and therapeutic outlet while juggling the demands of motherhood and processing an on-going journey with PTSD. After signing up for a handful of local maker's markets, Melissa's unique blends, strong fragrant throws, and muted packaging quickly gained the attention of San Diego consumers and retailers alike.
In just a few short years Craft + Foster has grown from local candle pop-up to a nationally recognized brand featured in Neiman Marcus and over 300 retail locations across the country; including their own studio in South Oceanside, CA.
Their products have been found in the homes of celebrities such as film and television actress Bridget Moynahan, Bachelor Alum Amanda Stanton, This is Us Star Justin Hartley, New York Times Best-Selling Author Pierce Brown, and many others.

Craft + Foster has collaborated with Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style, Lauren Evarts-Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential, actress/blogger Courtney Halverson, and Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee Company.

Why “Craft + Foster”?
People often ask where the name Craft + Foster originated.  It’s pretty simple!
The word “craft” refers to the artisan craft of candle making, while “foster” speaks to Melissa and Chad's desire to create products that subtly enhance life’s everyday moments, by fostering warmth and light to any space and occasion.


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